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Obama outspends Romney yet tied in polls

Obama has outspent Romney 2 to 1 yet for all his negative bashing still can’t pull ahead no matter what. So what does this tell you?

First Obama can’t run on his record, second the great uniter has succumbed into the great divider. His coolness has worn off.

Romney has not been allowed by law to bring the heat until after the convention, soon as he gets the green light expect the gloves to come off and get ugly. Why?

People want to see Obama exposed for all the negative things he has done to the American people.

When people like Chris Rock, come out with a new show Totally Biased, we see how the left has an agenda to bash conservatives and this will embolden Blacks and Whites. I hope his rating go in the tank as well. I am not going to watch any of his movies and boycott anything he is in. Thanks Rock, you are helping the cause.

This just proves how certain black people are racist so he falls into the nigger category. Rock can join a long list of niggers that are coming out of the woodwork showing their true colors.

Maybe Rock should pay attention to Morgan Freeman (a black man) who is distancing himself from Obama know a mulatto is not a black man, just a looser that’s half black.

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