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Why Obama will loose in a landslide

Obama has pissed off everyone in case you have not noticed. So lets count the groups to clarify.

Christians, Jews, White and Black over contraception and gays rights

Large and Small business, remember you didn’t build that business

Stomping on constitution over states rights, 2nd amendment, social issues

Mexicans deported more than ever now amnesty for all under 30 years old

College grads cant get a job and higher school loans

Higher foreclosures among all age groups

More elderly loosing homes and taking out from 401K

Wealth among Americans now set back to 1980’s

Poverty levels hovering around 1960’s levels

Social divide pitting blacks against whites set back 30 years

Mood of country at all time low

So you want 4 more years of this crap?

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  1. December 14, 2013 at 10:30 pm

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  2. Jeff Hodges
    July 23, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    No the President is not perfect. He didn’t do whatI had hoped, rescind the patriot act, Immediately close GITMO, get out of Iraq and Afghanistan post haste. I understand there is high unemployment, I also understand that you can’t turn this around on a dime. You think Mitt Romney will do it? No way, He will get us into another needless war which drive the economy into the dirt. The middle class ( which any economist will tell you drives a thriving economy) will be further eroded as we approach a near third world status. Can’t happen? Look what a fine start the Bush administration got on it. And with a congress that rejects their own ideas, we are all doomed. You ned some context on some of your remarks. They will not be as effective, yet perhaps you and yours are using the “fair and balanced” Fox alternate reality. A man of Mitt Romney’s income has nothing for those of us below $10,000,000.00 a year income. You are there I will guess.

    • July 23, 2012 at 10:23 pm

      Ahh yes a Obama drone who loves to say the famous words “any economist will tell you”. Seriously do you even know a real economist that is not a liberal idiot? Have you ever heard of Art Laffer? (studied and teaches economics over 40 years of real economic practices under many presidents) He has created the Laffer Curve, (google it dipshit) yes he is a real economist who studied Keynesian economics , you do know what that is don’t ya. So you want context, really, are you sure; it may floor ya with reality and your not use to facts.

      So you make claims that Romney will put us in “war”, that is a fallacy and trite remark. Surprised you didn’t blame Bush for something? Oh that’s right you did, how lame, can Obama run a country NO… (see below)? That is the problem with you liberals, you retort to felonious remarks when you have nothing else to use. Now you have to defend your man cause you can’t run on the economy, have you even paid attention to what is going on or ya to busy listening to NBC, ABC blame the wrong person in the Aurora shooting (you know what I’m talking about a teaparty guy), when you can’t even site one instance where a teaparty person has done any violence, unlike OWS…

      So now back to reality, your guy has created more social division and pitted blacks against whites taking this country back over 30 years, unemployment has been over 8% for 40+ months, democrat senator Harry Reid has not passed a balanced budget in 40+ months, national wealth has been reduced to levels back to the 80’s, the poverty rate is not estimated back to the 60’s, public labor unions breaking cities into bankruptcy (just look at California in case you have no clue), Christians are mad as hell for the DOJ stepping on the church’s rights against contraception and gay rights, Mexicans have been deported in mass numbers and now Obama has to pander to them giving them amnesty (don’t think they don’t know they are being pandered to I know many Mexicans that don’t trust your boy here in Texas and I work in construction so talk to them every day), states rights have been stomped on over voter ID (Texas) and medical marijuana (California) again the DOJ, students agree that raising taxes are the wrong thing to do (over 60% agree latest poll). Do you want more context? I can go on for days…

      If you want to learn something you can read my post or subscribe to my blog so you can get educated so you don’t sound ridiculous and a Obama drone spouting rapacious talking points. Oh and here is the real point you can ask anyone, how many government programs are successful, can you name one that is not an abject failure?

      But here is a really good point, since you want to talk about Romney’s check book. How many broke ass people offered you a job last year or wanted to buy your house or donated huge amounts to a charitable organization??? You have nothing but useless crap that is pointless…

      To be honest I was a Ron Paul fan, but since he is not going to be the person to go against Obama, then Romney is my horse. At least my guy has real business experience and can get smaller government, your guy wants larger government that chocks the privet sector. Ask yourself this, how many jobs does the government create other than more government personnel (don’t say roads and bridges Public Works Jobs, that is a privet firm subcontracting these jobs idiot)? What does the gov do to create money, nothing it can only spend money or print it driving the value of the dollar down.

      Oh and in case you want to say Obama has created some public works jobs can you name one? I can, he funded the San Francisco bridge repairs and guess who got the contract… China… guess who that company hires.. the Chinese… cause they work cheaper that union labor here in America… Did ya know that or just guess?

      Obviously, you have never had, owned, or created a business, (like me) so you have no clue about all the restrictions that hamper growth that pays the taxes so you can have roads and bridges that created the jobs. People did create the jobs not government, did Edison rely on the gov to help him invent the light bulb, Ben Franklin the printing press, etc… The founding fathers were the ones who created the gov and it was suppose to be limited not ballooning into this albatross that hangs around the small business’ that is creating 80% of the new wealth in today’s economy, but you already knew that huh?

      But I do love having a teachable moment to sharpen my skills, so thanks, you look ridiculous, but hey you are just ignorant (didn’t say stupid). Just let me know if you need more context or you can watch Fox news, but sounds like you already do but reject facts for your own perspicacious prose!!! Let me know if you need more facts I am here to help ya with you misguided thought process.

      • Jeff Hodges
        July 25, 2012 at 11:14 pm

        It appears I’am a weapon used to kill terrorist. My error was to think this was a forum for intelligent discussion. No, I did not bother to read all your ignorant comments, you lost me at dipshit. You are full of fear as you indicate by your assumptions. I too was a Ron Paul fan. I also support ideas of both republicans and democrats. I’am a registered independent voter. This was my first and last venture into this arena-I hope you relax, I’am going to the gun range with my wife to enjoy some stress relief.

      • July 26, 2012 at 1:10 am

        Funny, your going to take your buzucka to the gun range and relax with a beer and squeeze so yall can enjoy a soothing night of blasting shells, God Bless you my man.

        Sad were not far apart on the same person but divide on what? Obama is running this country down the tubes and blames everything (aka headwinds) but want smaller government, abolish the Fed Reserve, and I hope you don’t subscribe to the comments your boy made about how you didn’t build that business?

        I mean come on, I give you more credit than that.

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