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Single Moms are Sluts

obama bendoverNow that women want everything and always crying for more rights, single mom’s are praised by the women’s movement as a good thing. So what happens to the dads, well we were discarded as trash, bashed and left in the ditch. After all all men are abusive according to men haters.

I have an ex-wife who bashes me all the time, using the courts to hide behind acting like she is disenfranchised and hurt. While the whole time talking trash to my sons how worthless I am creating a “chilling effect” between me and my boy. Just because people get behind in child support due to financial hard times doesn’t mean your a dead beat. Don’t get me wrong there are some men out there that no no compunction for paying for their kids. They are dead beat in my mind, but karma is a bitch.

As for the men that are doing what they can, the woman should not be disparaging them in front of a child, and keeping them from you repeatedly. This is unacceptable and against the law. The AG will come after me ASAP if I miss payments, but will do nothing in protecting my rights to see my son. The legal system is broken, yet it flounders in backward policies to protect the status quot. So if I want justice I have to hire a lawyer and the state will have her back no matter what, in fact you can’t even tell the AG about it. They will say its your problem.

This economy has been so bad I have never seen hard times like this in my lifetime.

To loose your business, house and life doesn’t mean you are not fit to be a dad. It’s not easy to look at your son and tell them they can’t have nice things because your broke. But I don’t look backwards I focus on going forward to make a better life for me and my son’s.

In case your Christian, as most people claim to be, women were made in man’s image, not the other way around. Some women want equal rights, pay and leadership to be fair. But you can’t have it both ways, the nurturer can’t be the dominate that is not “FAIR”.

This ideology disputes its own directive… FAIRNESS.

So as society wanes in morals just ask where was the dad, I don’t know a father who does not want to be a part of their kids life.

To hide behind a statistic saying all men are dead beat dads would like be saying all women are sluts.

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