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People need to be carrying guns to shoot back

We all know about the massacre in Colorado and hate what has happened, but when nanny Bloomberg starts shooting off his mouth for gun ban shows how stupid he really is. He is just out for political points with the gay liberals democrats.

Here is another take that would have really saved many life’s and people from being wounded.

If more people were lawful/responsible gun carriers soon as that idiot, sick person opened fire people could shoot back  and kill him on the spot. He should be DEAD not in JAIL awaiting a trial.

How would people feel then if they would have killed this jerk and not have to watch him go on trial for murder that will take forever, cost tons of tax payers dollars, not to mention relive the pain all over again.

I feel like we need more people carrying guns so when a deranged person was to open fire, you could shoot back.

Kinda like public hangings, if you knew you would be hung by the neck the next day you wouldn’t kill a person unless in self defense.

Ask yourself this can the government protect YOU, obviously not, only YOU can do that, kinda like you built your own business not the government.

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