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Christians are losing moral high-ground to Fags

Jesus in the manger... Merry Christmas

Jesus in the manger… Merry Christmas

When I hear that Christians are becoming more tolerant towards gays and transgender people, this is why true Christians are loosing the war in righteousness. It’s just a fact humans are the only animals that will copulate with the same sex. Now only is it a sin, it’s not natural. So if you want to live that life that is your deal, but don’t force your opinions or lifestyle into my life or my kids. What really makes Christians mad as hell is when you want to be recognized as married, with all benefits that defines conservative christian marriage.

If you think we have to give up our rights and beliefs to accept other peoples views then we are in trouble. Fags get to hid behind a fallacy they don’t have to account for anything since liberals don’t believe in God. Fags and liberals want YOU to change but they are the intolerant people who can’t accept others who don’t want to be like them or accept point of views.

All the fags can jump off a cliff and take the liberal democrats with them, then they can argue about their rights to each other on their way to hell, maybe they can complain to Satan and see how that works for them.

We don’t have to accept fags or their lifestyle…this is still America.

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