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Labor Unions Own Luxurious Hotels


Labor unions own some of the most luxurious hotels like the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood Florida that rival Las Vegas. These are tax free and paid by members dues. At a time when teachers, first responders are losing their pensions and jobs, these fat cats are living large. The ingannation of unions own golf courses, country clubs and other opulent items.

IRS is looking into these NON-PROFIT labor  unions to see if they are cheating (yea sure), they do have to pay land taxes on these high price properties.

Plumbers Union – UAW own a huge hotel in Lake Michigan.

Machinist Union – own a Lear jet to fly around town, or from hotel to hotel.

Labor Unions are the reason these people and towns are going broke while they live it up.

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  1. June 29, 2014 at 9:11 pm

    The union’s own a luxurious hotel. In fact, a handful of labor unions are partners and own Amalgamted Banks which has $4.5 billion in assets.

    It is a business.

    That means they are creating jobs.

    Wouldn’t it be better if labor unions used their dues to buy, and manage more businesses, then using the money in politics?

    Though, I guess Republicans hate labor unions so much they probably prefer unions members to use welfare, food stamps then to won a business.

    Epic fail!

    • June 29, 2014 at 11:42 pm

      The EPIC FAIL is you tard, so by your logic Unions should buy more business to create more work and then charge more people to be able to work. You are a dumb fucker, I take it you have never owned your own business have you dipshit. You just a follower who has to be lead by the ignorant shitheads that are running this country down. You see buckwheat, some people actually create a business and work, something you have no clue about, and don’t need a Union to protect the workers. See in Texas, we have this thing called Right to Work, you have never heard of it, or practiced in action how it truly works. So you sit in your little bubble and talk shit how wonderful Unions are while they suck the life out of all the states they are in. And you wonder why people don’t want to be in a Union, so let me break it down for you dickweed. People like me HATE Unions, they are a front for fat cats to sit around and decide who gets to run for office, you do know they contribute to certain candidates who propel their agenda. So the money flows to politicians and then back to Unions – wow what a fucked up system. You wonder why people are opposed to this crony system, just pull your head out of your ass and it will be clear.

      Then again your a hack troll who has no sound answers only hyperbole.

      • June 30, 2014 at 12:38 am

        Yes, unions should buy more businesses. Its a free market and as business owners, they get the experience to manage employees, budgets, marketing and other business decisions (unless you advocate against ownership and against capitalism endeavors).

        Secondly, how have unions ruined the country? Do you blame the unions for American manufacturing jobs being off-shored and outsourced to China beginning in the 1980s? Business entrepreneurs, and investors who took American jobs to the world’s largest dictatorship, and largest communist country? China is good for business because it doesn’t have union, doesn’t have political rights, doesn’t have workers’ rights, or the 5 day week unions, overtime pay, and holiday unions fought for in the US. Even so, a Chinese workers earn $1.36 an hour, which is why American businesses sold us out. Get rid of every union worker in the United States, and they will still outsource jobs to countries with cheap labor.

        However, we do seem to agree on political contributions. Right now, the head of the AFL-CIO (largest umbrella union) made approximately $293,000 a year. By comparison, the highest paid CEO of Oracle Corporation made $78.4 million dollars a year. Who do you think is going to have more money to contribute to political campaigns, and lobbying? But, even though unions don’t have a quarter of the money corporations have, I would rather no organization be able to donate to political campaigns. But, if the unions are fat cats, then the business elite have to be morbidly obese.

        Finally, my family have been entrepreneurs since my grandparents. I love to work with real estate, but political advocacy is a newfound love.

        Though, its interesting, that I didn’t have to curse, I didn’t have to use ad hominem arguments, but that would be trolling. So, who is the troll?

      • June 30, 2014 at 12:17 pm

        Your the TROLL and I like to cuss out dipshits that think they are using facts. So lets take your facts and apply them to current events. Why are all the cities going broke like Detroit? Oh yea its the unions that is driving the pensions into bankruptcy and the city for that matter. You like AFLCIO well then pay them all you want so they can elect more dems – you do realize that is their goal? Need more proof then research this site and you will find several articles on your buddies on Unions and how they are fleecing people.

        I am not supporting corporations, they are just as dirty like the banking system.

        Unions were a good thing when first invented, but that was over a 100 years ago.Since then they have bastardized into a rapacious avaricious elite group of people that make millions compaired to regular people who support a union. So when people say they want out of a union they are castigated.

        So you as a business owner (real estate sales) you must not have a big company or any size at all, plus you must not live in a union state. If you do you know that when 3 people or more decide to go union you have no choice but to accept or close shop. So you must be in favor of that. So why doint you go union and tell everyone you are going to hire but only if they are union in your business. Don’t talk shit do it jackass.

        You see in TEXAS we don’t want to be told what to do in OUR business, we built it not the fucking gov. So likewise when we say unions can go to hell we mean it. I would refuse to build a business where the employees have more power than the boss, plus can dictate how it will run.

        I guess you don’t take into account the price of labor will go higher when your union, you do have to pay more for workers and pass that onto to the people. So why did Apple or any other company move offshore – that is simple TAX RATES IDIOT…

        When you take the perks out of doing work in this country they have no choice but to go where the fucking gov has no overreach. So do you like using you IPhone or smartphone, you can bet it wasn’t made here or you would be paying 1000 bucks for a fucking phone.

        Your a troll that baits questions then recoils from direct questions. You love unions then become one and enjoy the ride asshole…

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