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Romney: 7 Critical Points to get Americans Fired Up


Romney 7 Critical Points to get Americans Fired Up

Mr. Romney, we the people need you to get vehemently vocal, fired up, and show palatable passion we can see and taste. We all know that Obama has lied about the economy, health care, tax increases, and broken promises. That is his legacy.

You created Romney care for your state, each state can vote on what they want correct? States rights still prevail and the total population of Mass is the size of Dallas TX. The voters of your state chose your health care, not you dictating to the people they must to have it or be TAXED! Obviously that will not work for a population of 350 million.

The American people are not stupid it’s all about the economy. If we have jobs and money we can buy our own health care while providing to our families. That is the most important thing to everyone, young, old, legal and illegal.

Obama’s pandering to gays, younger voters, Mexicans, and liberals is the way he has obfuscated his real agenda To bring this nation down to a welfare dependent nation.

Its time Mr. Romney, to get mad as hell, and express some outright anger, so we can see how you feel. This tepid tone will not resonate with the anger that is building inside the country.

You can stop talking about the health care reform we all know you’re going to repeal that, so here are some things that you need to say to oppose the new sound bites that seem to harm you. Patient care reform is what you will be in favor of and let the states, doctors, and congress make it law collectively.

Mr. Romney, this is crucial. You need to start supporting republicans Senators and stand up for them, campaign with them, and make sure they are voted into office. Without their support you will not be able to get this health care bill repealed. You must stand with all republican Senators and help them anyway you can, if that means funding these campaigns you must do it.Even at the expense of your winning this campaign!

It will show the people you are more concerned with the repeal of this health care bill rather than your winning the presidency. You want to win America, show some self sacrificing, and they will know how serious you really are. Then the people will do whatever they can to make sure you are OUR PRESIDENT.

Here are 7 tips that you can use to promote your campaign or at least consider.

  • Obama said you’re the great job exporter – You can say I don’t have to borrow money from the people to create a job. Obama has destroyed more jobs in America than you have exported.
  • National Debt – Keep the Bush tax cuts in place for 5 years and cut spending across the board.
  • The Mexican vote is critical – You need to tell the people you’re not going to export all the illegal’s you have another plan. Amnesty is a sore subject but it’s too late to change what has happened so they need to be charged $2500.00 per person for a green card and granted a social security card so they can pay taxes, they still have to go through the immigration process as all others that are before them. We want upstanding citizens that have been taught entrepreneurship, understand tax codes, government restrictions, English and the American Constitution. They have 2 years to complete this program or they are out.  If they have a criminal background or get into serious legal trouble they are out of the program and will be deported. THIS WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED IF YOU SEAL THE BOARDER.
  • Energy – Repeal all restrictions for coal, nuclear, and oil companies on federal lands so drilling can occur, let the oil companies be responsible for policing themselves. These companies will have serious penalties for environmental violations they incur. No subsidies for green companies if they fail they fail, no more tax payer money to fund these projects period.
  • Government – The EPA, IRS, GAO need to be cut by 50%, all other government agencies need to be cut by 25% with strict internal regulations within its own agency. The out of control actions choke the lifeblood of business and entrepreneurs spirit.
  • Give small business limited restrictions for start up and incentives for hiring. Impose higher taxes for products imported to level the playing field for American companies.
  • Entitlements need to be cut by 50% on all programs and based on case by case basis to see who qualifies with better restrictions and less prosecutions rates just reprimands. We don’t need to put people in jail if they are scamming the system but make them work off the money they incurred. No more government funding to promote welfare of any kind. All elderly people over 65 are grandfathered into all programs.

These are just my opinions and I know people may not agree but you need to get passionate about something’s. I do not like how the illegals have come across the border, but it has been going on for years. This problem has to be addressed now, it’s up to you to make a plan and get the message out before it’s too late. All the campaign money will do no good in a bank account so start spending it.

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