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John Stossel “Fairness Report” is Hypocritical on FOX NEWS


I was listening to FOX News, the only news source I trust and like. There were several specials going over the 4th of July weekend so I had nothing else to do but watch, since I am unemployed. I have never taken any handout from the government EVER and never will take food stamps or unemployment checks.. I have been a small business owner (General Contractor) all my life in Dallas TX. I just wanted you to know I am not dependent on government or lazy. I am clean cut, educated, affable, highly motivated, and it shocks me I have not been able to get a job in months. Guess when you’re a white man over 45 the hiring coterie mentally think your out to pasture. I have never seen times so bad when I could walk out my door and not make a freaking dime… EVER.


I was listening to John Stossel, who was reporting on fairness and what is fair? Intrigued at the report it was fascinating to hear a story about a (green) window company getting special funding from the Obama regime since one of the owners were married to a person in a cabinet position, and had an inside track.

OK, we all know that is going on, after all politicians have been into crony capitalism for years, but this went even further when he started talking about tax credits. Then he said how the government was giving out tax credits to buy golf carts to promote a green agenda, that didn’t shock me either but this did.

John Stossel said him and Mike Huckabee took advantage of that program and a friend got 7 of these FREE GOLF CARTS. Are you freaking kidding me? Yes $6,000.00 tax credits to buy green electric golf carts, if you knew about the program but don’t worry it has already ended. Since the golf carts cost 6K, you buy it, get your tax credit and it was FREE. Who pays for these tax credits… OH YEA YOU AND ME!!!

So when you see Mr. Stossel or MR. Huckabee you should ask for a free ride, no you should ask to borrow it since we paid for it..

He wants to talk about what’s fair while he takes advantage of a program that I’m sure most people had no idea about. In fact a guest on his show even said he (AUTHER LAFFER, I think was the guest), wished he knew about that little gold mine program so he could have gotten a FREE GOLF CART TOO… Funny that guest was talking about OBama sending his kids to privet school while we send our kids to public schools, except that guest had to clarify he sent his kids to privet school too so he didn’t sound pathetic.

I’m really pissed, these are the people who are reporting the news and know just how bad this country is doing. They can spare me the homily about going green or some crap, this is outright stealing and taking advantage of Americans pocketbook. I’m so glad reporters get all these perks and can tell you about it after the program has ended. Damn that makes me mad, I’m broke, out of work, living like I just graduated out of high school and they are riding around in golf carts.


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  1. Chloe
    September 11, 2015 at 3:06 am

    How much is it

  2. Bill Zaffer
    April 20, 2014 at 1:15 pm

    Croney capitalism, We have an oligarchy today not a democracy which is just paper or your so called Constitutional Republic. You can throw it all out with overpopulation and big money running the show. The public has zero influence in this rigged system today buy both parties. nd you can take any person or group and find fault. We make mistakes and resolved them. We could find many faults with Republicans and Murdock’s with Fox News who buy the way paid politicians in England and you trust Fox News? Give me a break.

    • April 20, 2014 at 1:51 pm

      Its to the point I don’t trust anyone in the federal government period. Im just fixing to write a blog that states that very point. It’s a shame that Fox News is THE only source on TV that is half ass trust worthy, the rest of the media is in the tank. Now I get most of my news on the net, I don’t even watch Fox much anymore because it;s the same old BULLSHIT and for some fucking reason people refuse to believe or accept this nation if fallen off the chart. We now have more people working for the government and or accepting checks from the government than privet citizens working… That was pointed out last week and we all knew it was coming… I know you did..

      So why is everyone complacent with what is going on? At least I bitch to the world and get on people ass… what are you doing????

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