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Liberal Media Lacks Credibility

Have you hear how the liberal media was touting the results after the supreme court ruling. All three major networks NBC, ABC, CBS were saying that Justice Roberts sided with the liberals in upholding the “Rule of Law” in the OBama care bill.

But all legal scholars are calling Roberts ruling specious at best finding a loop hole in the argument to call it a tax. After all OBama, said it was “NOT A TAX” and that was not the original argument, it was all based on the Commerce Clause. Roberts was blasted by his cohorts in the dissenting party with such strong language it excoriated Roberts position.

Defiantly Maybe

Now just the day before the ruling was going to be released, David Gregory, of NBC host of Meet The Press (which I call meet the mess) was strident in his opinion how the Supreme Court rules in a 5-4 decisions so often it demeans the courts effectiveness. Well guess what Gregory, it was a 5-4 decision so were you correct in your opinion again? Or was your hypocritical, predetermined view just a little early attempting to do damage control in case the decision didn’t go the liberals way?

Did Gregory feel that the law would be struck down so he was already admonishing the courts touting this little 5-4 fact? Sounds to me like you were talking out the side of your mouth but then again isn’t that what liberals do?

NBC the biggest liberal biased partisan network is losing viewers to FOX NEWS by the hundreds. The have altered tapes on the Travon Martin case, not reported on Fast and Furious, and bashed the GOP with relentless obsession.

How about Ann Curry getting tossed of the Morning Show and Keith Olberman, (who was so off the chart he had to go) one person said all the people tossed of the network could fill Yankee Stadium. Don’t forget about Eric Holder working at the DOJ, he’s going to take on for the team too.

This is just another way how democrats cry foul with disingenuous prose to play on your emotions with obfuscated news. We are not surprised liberals will throw anyone under the bus to protect their cause (or job) it happens daily.

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