OBama Care Is a TAX

As SCOTUS made it’s ruling today upholding OBama care as constitutional calling it a TAX that congress has the right to evoke; this will unite republicans and independents who have been against this bill from the beginning. This is going to increase a Capitol Gains Tax by 4ooo bucks, yet this is just the beginning of a plan that we have no idea what it will really incur. Now you have to pay the IRS these taxes and make no mistake this regime has hired 16,000 new IRS agents to make sure you PAY YOUR TAXES..

Here is the crux of the issue best that I can understand: Congress can take with out authority money from you without limit!!!

Stuart Varney has a video that will tell you what taxes will be levied against you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFgu4ktDRuQ&feature=g-all-s

Annual healthcare spending is $2.6 trillion, or $8,402 per person and 17.9 percent of the economy. Over the coming decade, rising healthcare costs are expected to make spending balloon to $4.8 trillion, or one-fifth of gross domestic product, according to the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

It’s time to make a choice either BIGGER GOVERNMENT or SMALLER GOVERNMENT. Mitt Romney is the clear choice to beat the liberal agenda that is killing America by implementing a plan to repeal OBama Care and stimulate growth..

“We have to pass OBama Care to see what’s in it.” So let’s see what new TAXES we created on the America people… So far we have 21 new taxes YEAAA.

What will the government force you to buy next?

OBama said you have to buy auto insurance to drive a car, but what about elderly people in nursing homes. Do they have buy car insurance. Not if they don’t drive a car, so that argument fails to meet the statement you have to buy car insurance!!! It’s NOT required for everyone to buy auto insurance. FACT. This will effect everyone even the poor, if you make under 20K a year you still have to pay the tax. It will be collected by the insurance companies when you pay the premium and enforced by the IRS.

OBama said this was not a tax but he lied… This is the biggest TAX INCREASE in the history of the world!! If he had said it was a tax would you vote for it!


Now Romney will have a huge platform to bang out his plan to repeal this mandate while making his claim that government will TAX you and me to death if we don’t stand up and reject this abject plan to bury small business, middle class and further create an entitlement generation.

This is just the beginning on a WAR against government and it’s ability to force anyone to buy or conform to a leftist agenda all in the name of reform. Make no mistake this is WAR that is going to take place at the polls.

If you don’t have a job now guess what, you will not be getting one now as small and large business refuse to hire new employees. OBama is forcing YOU and ME to get on food stamps so we are dependent on big government. Small business owners already know they can’t afford to hire new people..FACT.

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