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Who IS Karl Rove?


Karl Rove was the driving force behind Bush 43, as Senior Campaign Advisory, and Deputy Chief of Staff, he is affectionately called the architect. He is considered the main reason why Bush was elected. Now he has a non profit superpak Crossroads GPS a 501c 4, that has generated millions for the republican cause.

Over the weekend a group of protesters marched to show their disdain for Mr. Rove, yet when people were asked who Karl Rove was they had no idea.

This is how democrat’s work on lack of information!!!

It was almost funny (really sad) that these people, when asked who is Karl Rove, they stammered and stuttered and had no idea what they were talking about at all. Are these people just paid to stand around in protest?

GET A GRIP PEOPLE… Democrats use fear tactics using the police, fireman, and teachers jobs saying republicans what to take away there  jobs and pensions. Are you serious???

You can check out the story here http://www.theblaze.com/stories/protesters-show-up-to-rally-against-karl-rove-but-cant-all-say-who-karl-rove-is/

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