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L.A. Will File for Bankruptcy!

LA is Bankrupt

You heard it here first, Los Angeles will file for bankruptcy in a few short months.Unions WILL NOT work with the city officials and refuse to reform these elaborate pensions that are driving them into the ground. They are scrambling now to raise taxes and slash budgets, but it’s too little too late. Word is they are doomed…When LA files you will see absolute chaos in the streets, mark my word…

California is going to do a financial face plant. Even the city counsel members of Sacramento (capitol of California) were reported to be undertaking in underhanded projects that were robbing the citizens in and around the county. It was reported that one city council member was seeking indemnity from legal prosecution for his duplicitive actions with business that he was tied to. Counsel members also voted to build a 3 billion water and sewer system plant. The cost was estimated by Jerry Browns cabinet members who were paying off so called GREEN COMPANIES who did impact studies to get the acquired permits (estimated in the millions) . This cost was so over blown its stupid.

Jerry Brown is a crook and needs to be slapped with a 3rd grade math book, of course Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein supports all these projects. California is a welfare state without question.

As Stockton voted to file for bankruptcy last night, the largest American city, for the simple reason of public pensions. That is just the beginning for other cities to use as a litmus test. I was living out in Sacramento for almost a year and when you heard what was going on in city council meetings how they were stealing from the people while kicking the can down the road,  it’s no shock to understand why they are busted.

Unions refuse to back down and renegotiate the contracts that were made years ago to benefit it’s members during the boom times. It’s reported that public pensions are 500 Billion in the red, but lets look at some other staggering facts that is killing the “Golden State”.

Stockton – spent 12 million on a water front project, 68 million on a new sports arena, 35 million on a new city hall, if you worked for the city for 1 year you were entitled to medical benefits for LIFE, and Fire fighters that are paid 157K/year when they retired at age 50.

I talk to some friends, just 2 days ago and many people are already gearing up for a disaster. People are ripping off their friends and stealing from neighbors, nobody trust anyone and the tensions are palpable. My friends live in the foothills are buying ammo, chickens, pigs, canning foods…it’s really scarey, but here is the reality of it..

The National Guard is training for RIOT CONTROL NOW… they are expecting a mass riot in the streets of large towns and the word is camps are surreptitiously being built to house protesters, that is unconfirmed, but a vicious rumor…

This is not a joke and I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but after living there and hearing this in person…I believe it!!!

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