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9 More Dems Jump Ship


Just reported another lawmaker jumped shipped and will not be joining the empirical President at his convention totaling 9 so far, more to jump as the convention gets closer. Like the old saying goes “why does a rat jump ship, because it’s sinking”

Now that the democrats have to down size from their elaborate convention touting a NASCAR genera, who knows what they are going to spin it into now. The other conventions have cut the price in half so they can let people in to ‘hang with POTUS’ they just don’t tell you the contributions are so low they have to depend on the broke, unemployed people this administration created.

So as these law makers veto going to the convention so they can stay at home and fight for their job they better distance themselves fast or they will get the same things as all of us got. NO JOB…

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    Hey, I just stopped in to visit your website and thought I’d say I enjoyed myself.

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