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Why Republicans Sound Stupid


I have been watching many major news stations along with all the Sunday news shows and each time the republicans sound diminutive at best. Then after watching a Fox special on millennial’s with Mike Huckabee it became apparent that young people seem to get the wrong impression by the way things were explained to them.

They had two young speakers one democratic the other republican, the democratic person sounded confident and gave better states (although skewed heavily) while the republican gave little facts  (just stating talking points why Romney should be president) to make a solid case (that was not good show prep) to back up the claims plus a lack of confidence.

Here is my new PET PEEVE, when a person is speaking you hear them say “UH” between words; that sounds like you are searching for words and you don’t know what your talking about. That is becoming way to common among speakers and it drives me nuts. The first impression you think is they are searching for words while trying not to offend or step on somebodies toes. State you case clearly with confidence, have your facts ready and in proper context. If people like what you have to say they will respond and see the light, you can’t change some peoples mind nor should you expect to. Do you think you can tell a junkie NOT to shoot up? NO.. so stay on point…

When going toe to toe with the dem’s you need to have you facts straight and put it into context that people can understand. You have to remember the dem’s are playing on emotion not facts!!!!

Intro, You need to hit hard and right between the eyes. Meaning list the basis of you presentation why OBama is killing America. The first thing I would bring up is the economy and how all the regulations/permitting strangle small business. If you want to hit a home run ask a person if they want to start a business of their own, if they say yes that opens the door to list all these regulations that have made it impossible. With a dismal job market and no positive signs of improvement. Democrats can tout all the meager statics of how many jobs OBama claims [counter with how many lost 88 million are unemployed now] to have created but ask yourself this, CAN YOU GET A GOOD JOB NOW? I have been underemployed and now unemployed for a very long time. The economy has shrank back to 1992 levels. That means for all the work I have done for almost 20 years is for nothing. I am 46, unemployed and nothing to show for what I have done…

First, Energy is the life blood of this country and what brought us from a weak economy to the strongest in the world. Back in the 40’s and 50’s. Bring up big oil and the facts this sector has created more jobs and created more products than any other sector in history. How these big oil companies pay more taxes [41.4% not .04% like liberal media blogs will tell you] than any other business in America today. How technology is improved over the last 10 years to be safer with each passing day. How green energy has lost more money (Solyndra losing 535 Million) and jobs for being forced into the markets before proper testing creating a bubble (aka bankruptcy). How green energy has failed with electric cars from the very beginning (electric cars were invented before the combustion engine but is unsustainable because technology is lacking to make it viable, it’s called the storage of energy). And don’t get me started on the empirical EPA, they are evil..

Second, talk about OBama care. This will give you the in on how the expenses are going to hit so hard down the road but nobody knows because we don’t know what was presented.  And that socialize medicine that your parents and grandparents will be put on by being categorized and not get the service they thought they would. Also the plan has many flaws and bring that to light, Most people have no idea it created a death panel, or just use the current model the V.A. It has the lowest rated doctors in the country not to mention a standard medical practice that has you waiting for days to get into. Not the mention who is going to pay for this, your kids? The CBO estimated a 30% increase of cost for health care, not able to keep your doctor, mandated health programs etc..

Third, Social Issues are hot, the reality is that the government has no right to tell churches what to do on abortion, who is liable to pay for this (aka. tax payers) and if they truly think it will be FREE. Somebody has to pay for this stuff too. Not to mention how the government has never created a cost effective program EVER. Birth control pills are 15 bucks at Walmart, not 3K for a years supply. Get the facts. Just look at food stamps, [177 Billion cost this year] this one single program was created in the 40’s for the simple fact to end poverty. Has it ended? NO.. it only gets bigger and with more scams defrauding it so it keeps going on. Name one government program that has not failed? This has been the single biggest transfer of wealth in history.

Fourth, Government over reach is out of control. Back in the 50’s, 1 in 20 had to get a permit to do business, now that number is 1 in 3 have to have some type of permit or abide by some regulation to make a buck in the privet sector. Government does not produce anything only redistributes it though some form of regulations. Look at the public unions that are bankrupting cities, Stockton is filing now.

Fifth, Stick to the facts, when all else fails and they try to change the subject by back lashing on Bush for something remember. OBama has had 3.5 years to make a change, yet hes playing golf or fund raising somewhere. Being president means acting like one. He took a hard job and blaming others is not an enduring quality. You can’t blame things for you lack of effort. We all have to admit that we make mistakes and will make more. That’s life. Until we stand up and be accountable for them we can’t move forward as a nation.

Just remember everything, and I mean everything democrats say is skewed. In fact it keeps the little people down in the ditch, why? They have to keep people there or they have nothing to argue about. Why is it all these programs fail? One simple reason, they have to make it fail, or they have no case or JOB.

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