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OBama Outspent 3 to 1

The latest email I received today from the OBama lackeys proves they are in real trouble. Here’s today’s pander crying for more money. While they have lowered the bar to donate is now just 3 bucks on the website. Kinda like I heard they lowered the tickets sales to his democratic fund raiser campaign in Georgia from 500 to 250 bucks (so all the unemployed and underemployed can attend) and people can see what an imperial socialist leader is doing to help them. Sounds to me like they are not able to sell tickets as they originally projected… in fact it sounds like “the thrill is gone”


For the first time in modern American history, the incumbent (that’s us) will get outspent in a re-election campaign — by some estimates as much as 3-to-1.

Over the last 10 days of this month alone, GOP outside groups will spend $20 million attacking President Obama on TV.

Think about that, then think about what they’ll spend over the last 10 days in October.

We have to take this seriously. Four months to go in this election, and we have a huge fundraising deadline coming up in less than a week — any day we’re not chipping away at that disadvantage, we’re falling behind.

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