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Somebody Slap Nancy Pelosi!!!


Nancy Pelosi Ca. (D) has to be the most ignorant person on planet earth! Who in their right mind would even pay attention to a person that makes claims so ridiculous that actually should embarrass democrats to the core. If clear thinking people actually listen to this lewd, obfuscating, banal shell of a woman they need medication. The ingannation of a person who led the congress as the house leader, who knows what kind of back door dealings were going on when she was in power.

After all, it was on her watch the democrat controlled house lowered the interest rate for student loans, only to have them bounce back to the original rate during a presidential election year to make republicans look evil, like they hate students. If she is for students (or underprivileged) why didn’t they make that law stand when they were in power for two years, so the rates would never raise again?

Brain Terry

Now she claims republicans are on a witch hunt for wanting answers in the Fast & Furious case from Eric Holder claiming this is really about voter suppression, not about the death of Brian Terry. What a bloody idiot to make this abject claim. What is really is saying is how desperate the liberal democrats are and how bad they look to the American people. Only a fool would inter the “race card” into a topic that relates to a border agents death from a government program by this administration that has no bounds who they throw under the bus. These people are desperate!!! Tell that to the Terry’s FACE who lost their son…jerk!!!

I have heard so many stupid things come out of Pelosi’s mouth it’s insulting to my intelligence and many others that I have talked to. If anyone votes for this idiot you need a frontal lobotomy performed by a speed freak on a five day skid.

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