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Mexicans Should Be Furious


As Fast and Furious is getting more exposure the truth is coming out about the plan to provide the Mexican Cartel guns. We hear the democrats blame things on Bush, again. This is typical how the news is distorted by the liberal media while the White House spokes person Jay Carney attempts to downplay the problem.  Is this partisan politics? Lets go though this gun walking program.

First, Bush 43, did have a “gun walking” program called operation “Wide Receiver” from 2006 – 2007, overseen by the ATF under the umbrella of “Project Gunrunner”, which targeted the flow of guns bought by the Mexican Cartel, for the soul purpose to track guns back to high ranking members. These guns had a small radio transmitter inside them so they could be tracked, when the transmitter[s] started failing or not working 100% of the time they knew it would be a problem, and suspended the entire operation in 2007.

Fast forward to 2009, when someone in the White House administration discovered the program and decided to start it up again to curb the Cartel and or it’s influence pertaining to Americans concerning the purchase of guns and drugs (because the Cartel has become Americas untold WAR). As the program enabled illegal and or legal Mexicans to purchase these guns, they were suppose to be tracked back to high ranking Cartel members for the soul purpose of dismantling these vicious thugs.

The problem was the ATF lost track of the guns that “walked” into these deviant hands and they got away. This is operation Fast & Furious, considered a botched program but actually it operated as planned (except for the killing of  Brian Terry). In fact, back in 2009 David Ogden of the DOJ said they were going to add more members to the ATF, DEA and assets in Mexico to take down the Cartel inside that country while dealing with problems here in the states. Saying (to the effect) we have a crisis that needs serious measures to address these problems.

If it had not been for this failed program would we be talking about this now? Or would things still be operating under the radar (as normal) and more Mexican people being killed without any media press?

What we do know is how many Mexicans were killed, over 200+, innocent, hard working, GOD fearing, good Mexican people. Why aren’t Mexicans incensed?

Click here to see live border crossing.

Mexicans should be mad as hell for our government supply guns to the Cartel and losing them… Mexicans should be mad as hell about their friends, family, and loved ones being killed by American guns and not even getting any media attention?

I talked with some people I have met that are native Mexican before all this F&F ever hit the fan about a year ago concerning the Cartel. I had a woman tell me that it’s so bad down in Mexico that hundreds of people were dying at the hands of these thugs, people literally being shot in the streets, in broad daylight for nothing. I’m not talking about other gang members being shot, were talking about young men, women, and kids being killed for nothing more than a Cartel member trying to get more recognition within the ranks so they can move up the ladder into a higher position of the cabal.

I have a Mexican friend of mine who told me two years ago; that Mexico was so bad we could not go down there like we were talking about to visit his home town. He said if I (a white guy) was to go down there I would either be captured (for ransom) or killed, and I believed him. He even told me his own family was being told to PAY FOR PROTECTION or else they would lose their farm by being tortured, or his family farm burnt down. He was so afraid he would not go there anymore for fear he would be killed, he has not seen his family for years now!

Mexican should be angry as hell that these Cartel members have taken over there country and turned it into a place were thugs force you to pay for protection of you will die. They should be furious how the abject failure of America leadership failed, and how they supplied these guns in the first place that have killed so many. Mexicans should know the truth, for if they know what is going on they will revolt in fury over this program that has effected them forever. This is an outrage that should be told in their language so they can understand how, why, and who is responsible for these people dieing…

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