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New Farm Bill Will Cost 1 Trillion Dollars

The senate is voting on the new farm bill that will cost the tax payers 1 Trillion over the next decade that will include the food stamp program that is 80% of the bill. As we know these entitlements such as food stamps which 1 in 7 people are on will cost roughly $969 Billion. The rest of the bill will go to farm subsides, forestry, and environmental projects including about a quarter of California.

The senate refused to take up Sen. Dianne Feinstein Ca.(D) Proposition 2 mandate for California humane regulations for egg laying hens to make as a national standard, but vowed to attempt to pass it through another legislator means; proof positive that democrats are out of control wanting to force other states to adhere to their failed policies by further incurring more cost on people. As California heads into a financial face plant and tries to take down America to be the same as Greece.

If all this austerity was doing so well for nations then Greece would be be a financial powerhouse.  As we can see this is not true and as they pander for money from Germany it’s apparent they are not going to give them money and bail them out.

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