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NBC Spins Fast & Furious to Protect OBama

How are we going to cover this up…geeezzzz

NBC – As expected NBC has spun the Fast&Furious meltdown as a botched investigation, naturally Mr. Williams, said “Washington has blown up into a caustic partisan fight, and a showdown is coming over the power of the American president.” to downplay the severity of how U.S. Attorney General, Eric [with]Holder, refuses to hand over more than 1,300 pages out of the original 70,000 pages that was originally requested.

The night before the vote to hold Holder in contempt of congress, he agreed to and advert this action by giving House Committee leader Issa, these documents to keep this action from damaging his career and staining the oval office with more controversy. The very next day the empirical president OBama evoked Executive Privilege to keep these documents from being discovered or viewed in open committee sessions.

As Mr. Williams reported the story with personal jabs and spin he mentioned the boarder agent (Brian Terry that was shot and killed by Mexican cartel) once; while not mentioned the innocent Mexican that have been killed at all.  Williams said it was a “badly botched sting operation” but the truth is it went according to plan (flawed as it was), and devoted a measly 30 seconds of air time to this story.

Mr. Williams ironically mentioned that for anyone “not following the complexities of all of it, it just looks like more of our broken politics & vicious fights out in the open.” It was news to his viewers since he has not been covering the story at all, so I’m sure it was a surprise to some people. He failed to mention how the republicans have been waiting 18 months for these documents and bent over backwards to avoid a confrontation with the executive branch.

Another anchor Kelly O’Donnell, [misleadingly] states Holder has handed over “thousands of documents” without the context of how many tens of thousands he refused to turnover, dismissing a scandal was being covered up that could lead all the way to OBamas front door.

Rep. Elijah Cummings was given plenty of time to claim Holder was “prohibited by law from producing” these documents. While in contrast, Rep. Trey Gowdy, whose speech excoriated Holder and a potential cover up, by voting Holder in contempt. He was show as an angry white guy that was some out of control, racist egomaniac on a personal witch hunt to bash Mr. Holder . This is how the liberal media plays on the somnambulant serfs to carry the hate towards republicans that have no clue what is really happening.

Proof positive that if you have a good sound bite you can control the minds of people that are not politically aware…….That is journalistic malpractice.

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  1. July 15, 2012 at 12:50 am

    This publication has inspired me to start writing on my own blog

  2. hardrock45
    June 21, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Liberal commentators are merely puppets mouthing the Obama administration’s propaganda.

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