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Unemployment WILL Stay High “The New Norm”

Damn this is gonna suck for people

Yesterday the fed chief Ben Bernanke said the jobless will be above 8.1% for the rest of the year, so it looks pretty ugly out there for the average person, not to mention the growth rate will be  1.9 -2.4% downgraded from estimated expectations just 2 months ago. “Operation Twist” the nickname for bailout has been injected into our economy to help out the home owners and help to reduce foreclosure is failing miserably aimed to reduce interest rates on loans (ex: you can save $600 on a 300,000 mortgage) and with future foreclosures rising over the next few months will produce even further negative vibes in our dollar in the near future. Just reported that 22 Million adults are moving back in with other family members, an increase in 22%.

Now the 1st time jobless claim is 387,000 higher than the estimated 380,000 projected by the so called “experts”. As we can see this president who is for the “AVERAGE PERSON” will spend more time playing golf and attending fund raisers with celebrities like George Clooney,

And when I was three…

Sara Jessica Parker and Ann Wintour and so many others it’s not worth talking about, yet he wants to help out the little guy but only if you can spend 40K a plate for his dinner parties. Parker who’s fame came from a sleazy show Sex in the city, played the part of a loose woman whose main goal was to marry a rich guy to achieve the girls “American Dream”, but never was able to capture that prize and closed out the show unmarried (disappointed many woman viewers according to most women’s views). Wintour is from England and her brother is Chief Editor of the Guardian; a far left hard line scoialist newspaper that hates America and posts many points of views to support that goal to debase the way we live.

So lets see what you think about this, OBama’s health care bill (that will actually hurt more people than help) will have spent more tax payer money in congress, supreme court and paid advertising by who, YOU & Me and will fail to pass mustard with the courts; yet this is his signature bill instead of the ECONOMY! We have seen more wasted money and time than we can count, in fact I would to see just how much was spent to promote this failed program or I may not want to know actually. But this is just one example how we have no faith in this president and executive branch to actually help or protect this nation.

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