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Bill Maher is a JERK

Image Bill Maher is a Atheist Communist/Socialist Liar.

This UN-American atheist bashes the GOP and FOX NEWS for ratings on his liberal platform and panders to an audience that is so small its laughable. Who pays attention to this jerk, seems to me it’s the extreme people on the radical left that actually thinks he is funny. With comments like the GOP are apes, America is not this awesome country, and talking about Mormons (as a religion) is bad or fake is unthinkable. Since a person like this has the right to say anything he wants is freedom of speech, but does that mean what he said was acceptable. In my opinion he is a low life sphincter that excretes a vile bile so caustic that if it were poured on grass it would jump out of the ground and die on contact. This is just a prime example of the liberal left spewing a concept that is defiling the life of religions people and morally corrupting weak minded people that need to find a way to be accepting in life.

These people are sick and need mental help. The best thing YOU can do is ignore these guys and pray for them. To think that soldiers actually dies to protect this nauseating, foul, unmoralistic sycophants is actually creepy. The only people that accept this dichotomy are sonambulate serfs that need to crawl out from under the dark rock the hide under.

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  1. janis512
    September 7, 2012 at 4:39 am

    No, I don’t support procreation. Why would I want the population to increase, when the large amount we already have contributes to the abundance of traffic, pollution, and poverty (thus causing more welfare spending you oppose) that gets worse everyday? I think China was onto something when they had a limitation on how many kids a household could have. Perhaps, we should incorporate a similar method. Maybe even a restriction of welfare to a certain amount of kids per family (for those people who continue to pop out more kids when they complain of not having enough money.) I could care less if the rich get taxed more (being I’m sure they waste alot of it on ridiculous garbage such as mail order prostitutes and $10,000 champagne baths)..only the money should be applied to more useful projects other than wasted on welfare programs for lazy people. Welfare should only be given to the “truly” needy (ex: severely disabled, sick). Sad to say I’ve seen a few rich people taking advantage of welfare as well. The sneaky “keeping money under the table or in offshore accounts” ones who I’ve seen in grocery store checkout lines, using their welfare card. I guess it was really hard when they didn’t have any money leftover after buying that rolex and brand new mercedes parked outside. As for your questions of faith…yes…I have faith…I have faith that although I am not convinced by any particular religion, that there is a higher presence…it is within us and all around us. I suppose you could label it Agnostic. And yes…I believe I am better off than I was four years ago, being I have been more awake in the last year than I have years before. I am seeing the world for what it is and appreciating the beauty beneath all of the noisy chaos that has blinded many people (especially nowadays), where people have become completely out of touch with what’s important in the end. Bill Maher is what you would call “awake” and is disappointed with the blindness of many people, so he is only venting and trying to wake people up. Sadly, many are too afraid of doing so and would rather stay asleep, because they fear the overwhelming idea of the unknown. Trust me…I have many times in the past, wished I didn’t know what I knew and would rather have been convinced by the fact that it was as simple as religion…to not have to face reality, which can be scary. But it’s like when Alice (in wonderland) tried to fit into that small door to that ideal world where in my case would be the “ignorance is bliss” world that I can no longer fit into because I feel I have grown too big “aware” to fool myself into believing in such things as Santa Claus and a man who lives on a cloud and tells us we will burn in Hell and be tortured for eternity, even though at the same time he says he forgives all. What do you say to a person who is raised in a Buddhist community who has never had exposure to Christianity, but yet dies a good man/woman? I know plenty of “Atheists/Agnostics/Buddhists who are FAR better people than some of the corrupt supposed “Christians” who have big egos and are complete hypocrites. Then again, there are good people who are Christians as well. I believe a person having a kind spirit and spiritual wisdom (and I’m not referring to religion) , is far more important than things such as religious practices and labels/titles. I’m sure “God” would appreciate that more than a bunch of scared chickens who run around with their heads cut off, pointing fingers and telling them they will burn in Hell when they face their maker. What about the mentally ill people who cannot help that they are a danger to others, and are incapable of understanding why they killed someone. Will they go to heaven after being a serial killer, although they were born ill? Do you think those fine “God loving” Puritans who massacred several women in Salem should go to Heaven? Anyhow…good for you for having faith in what you believe in. Once again…I do believe there is some goodness in many religions (ex: family values, moral “intentions”) and I have an appreciation for them..but I don’t believe I should restrict myself fully to just one religion is all. There are things I appreciate in Buddhism and Hinduism as well. I am thankful I came from a background where I was exposed to more than just one religion (mother being Buddhist, turned Atheist…father being Christian…friends being Jehovahs Witness, as well as Hindu and Buddhist.) It is a colorful world out there and I appreciate pieces from all of them…even Maher’s understandable criticism of a “blind” society.

    • September 8, 2012 at 12:37 am

      Well since you’re an American you can have a free choice to say or do what you want. Of course I disagree on almost all of your points of views. So you don’t want kids, fine, but you have no right to tell others they can’t have as many kids as they want to have; that is not your right to dictate how other chose to live or the size of their family.
      You don’t believe in GOD, fine, but I do believe therefore you will burn in hell for eternity. Hey hope your good with that I don’t want to take that chance. You can call yourself “awake” or Agnostic/Atheist or whatever you like it’s all the same to me. As for “sick” people that kill people and don’t know what they are doing therefore shouldn’t go to hell, that’s BS to me. So do you think they have the common since to cross a street and not get run over, but don’t know the difference to take a gun and shoot a person, I’m not buying that. In fact from what I know about mentally handicapped people they are the least harmless people on the planet; so not sure where you’re going with that argument? Also anyone who kills a person will have a very hard time crossing the threshold of the gates of heaven unless in self defense or other circumstances beyond their control. But to murder for the thrill of some cultish reason, they should burn in hell; I sure you already knew that answer before you asked. Are there bad Christians, of course just like bad Agnostics/Atheist…
      So you’re better off than 4 years ago? So is the country better off in your opinion? If you say it is then you are not “awake” but just fooling yourself. About Maher, he is not “awake” and a jerk, check that, he is an ASSHOLE. When a person talks about Americans, runs down their beliefs and diminishes our character; then he is stomping on others feeling and way of life. Let me ask you this? What if I called you a stupid bitch? Would you like it? So when Maher talks about peoples religious points of views in disparaging remarks, then he is doing the exact same thing.
      Make no mistake; I am not opposed to food stamps or welfare, just the frequent abuse by the takers that give nothing back to the economy or world for that matter. That’s the problem undercover dems have, a twisting of my words to fit your context, and when I don’t agree with your point of view then you try to convince me mine are less than yours and want me to convert.
      So let me just say this, you certainly have the right to choose your will, but don’t expect to be on the right side of history when the book is complete. If you vote for #nobama your on the wrong side of history and funny, all non-Christians are democratic. Wonder why that is?

    • September 8, 2012 at 4:02 am

      Look you have anti-christian values, that resonates from the dem party as a whole, after all you accept homosexuality as an equal. Then when you have to defend your liberal belief, your angered with responses ranging in various temperament. I have been down to the occupy in Sacramento Cali I was living out there. Their were certain people that had some good ideas but it was a total failure for several reason. The message was the same as the tea party but didn’t include God. The so called “poor and needy” were people who lived on the street and didn’t want to work, so what good are they to society. I seen the same thing in Dallas (my home town) were people just wanted to party and get drunk. Why do I tell you all this? Its a reflection of a society that is secular… Just look around you, the dems just had a huge convention. You had the democratic platform remove God and people were happy. Until word got around and they had to put it back to keep from looking like a party that hates God. But you know the funny part the actual booing that happened during a live convention of them “hating” God was just truly vindictive of dems. So you tell me, are you going to vote for Obama or Romney, cause if your going for #nobama we really don’t have much to talk about.

  2. September 3, 2012 at 5:35 am

    Relax..take a deep breath…exhale slowly…now repeat…I understand repression can cause a build up of stress, leading to aggression…which can cause all the hateful lines such as ” low life sphincter that excretes a vile bile so caustic that if it were poured on grass it would jump out of the ground and die on contact” and “just for sluts who can’t keep their legs closed.” I had to say the first line you threw out made me laugh…you have a rather creative mind. I also find it funny that you say you are such a Christian and a man of God but yet you talk with such hatred and disgusting language…not to mention you say “I will burn in HELL when I meet my maker.” The classic one is “but don’t hold it against others that they want to believe in something you don’ agree with”…but yet…didn’t you bash Maher for believing in something you didn’t agree with? Also, in your original blog..you state “This is just a prime example of the liberal left spewing a concept that is defiling the life of religions people and morally corrupting weak minded people that need to find a way to be accepting in life”……Isn’t it the same as religion corrupting weak minded people that need to find a way to be accepting in life? It goes both ways I suppose. Also, Maher is only practicing his Constitutional rights by speaking his mind. After all, isn’t that what makes America so great? Freedom to believe what you choose and to speak what you choose…now here is where the Puritanical hypocrisy that foreigners hate comes in… the Constitution states all of this but yet certain Americans such as yourself contradict it by calling people who believe and speak accordingly..Un American. Also, isn’t religion the biggest cause of wars and segregation in this world to begin with? If you paid any attention in history class you would know this. Religion has also been twisted and toyed with throughout time to where it has become several different versions…similar to how a small town rumor gets twisted…to where it just becomes a fabricated mess to where you can’t even see the big picture anymore and humans are more worried about using it as a control device or to feel like they belong to something. I’m sure this is not what “God” intended. Perhaps more of what “man” intended. Also…what is so wrong with not going on after this life, which is the biggest gift that we are so lucky to have? Is it not enough? Are we honestly so arrogant to think we deserve even more than what we have already been lucky enough to have? Also, you talk of having “FAITH” and facing the maker out of the fear of afterlife punishment..thus the insurance policy subject. Look…I’m not saying not to have “Faith” in whatever you believe in (like i said…there are good aspects in different beliefs) and being we really don’t know the answer to what happens after death, we should keep an open mind and appreciate the good in all beliefs and religion,even if it may not be true, creating a bridge that unites them all. If not…this world will continue to never see eye to eye and never live in harmony. Or perhaps…this is what humans secretly want…it seems to be a pattern throughout history…the constant craving to want to build and destroy. Perhaps the differences and arguments make life interesting. Rumi has a good point (in case you are not familiar with him…he is an ancient poet who tried to help people find peace in an uncertain world. Religious leaders of several different religions honored him at his funeral.) You criticize anything that threatens your religion out of fear…possibly the fear of the idea of there not being a God or the fear of something different..the unknown…I bet if your life started over and you were put in the right situation over time…you could be convinced to believe gay mermaids who traveled over rainbows on sea pegasus created this planet.
    As for your rambling of your political beliefs..I mentioned earlier I am neither Rep or Dem being I am in a grey area. (you know…that shade between black and white)…I am all for family values and not humping around like rabbits and having kids before marriage (not to say there’s anything wrong with sex beforehand…after all I wouldn’t want to be unpleasantly surprised after I married the guy to find he had a 1″ penis.)…but face it…being this country embraces beliefs of all kinds…there are millions who WILL “spread their legs” before marriage in the real world ( so by making it harder to obtain contraceptives such as birth control and such (say if condoms weren’t available in the heat of the moment) esp. during the passions of rape for example (where one has to “Tango” against their will)….unwanted children will be inevitable. I’m happy for you, that you were able to keep some “chick” from getting pregnant, by purchasing condoms in advance of your planned immoral sexual activity behind a truck stop. I’m assuming this “chick” isn’t your wife, correct? BTW…as for your comment about the virgin football player and Olympian…I’m sure the disease was religion or blindness..whatever you want to label it. Maybe if we are worried about using our tax dollars to pay for contraceptives…we should take all the dollars that sleazy politicians are blowing on prostitutes and other unnecessary lavish items to support orphan/poverty prevention. Now… when it comes to the subject of our economy…yes…I am all for Capitalism and not depending on welfare. Romney has a very strong business sense and history and can do alot of good in our economy (IF he means what he says). anyway…that being said, I wanted to say that I apologize if anything I said offended or embarrased you in any way being that was not my intent. I know this is your blog and you are probably proud of it, and do not want to look foolish. You are simply stating your opinion and I am as well. Differences will never be resolved in this lifetime at least..so let’s just appreciate everyone’s differences and make the most of it. It’s getting late and I’m going to bed…maybe if I have faith, the tooth fairy will put some money under my pillow tonight being I spent my “only dollar” on 2 condoms at the truck stop earlier (:

    • September 3, 2012 at 12:17 pm

      First, it is my blog and you will never embarrass me! Plus I will post your comments and not sequester them for any gain of indifference. I have to make this short since I have to get to work, but I do want to say I repsect any comments, although I do not agree. I write post to create conjecture and critical thinking. Faith is part of my belief, history has twisted the past in favor of the winners, hence his-story… The question is do you have faith? Do you believe in God? Are you better off then you were four years ago?

    • September 3, 2012 at 12:25 pm

      First, it is my blog and you will never embarrass me! Plus I will post your comments and not sequester them for any gain of indifference. I have to make this short since I have to get to work, but I do want to say I repsect any comments, although I do not agree. I write post to create conjecture and critical thinking. Faith is part of my belief, history has twisted the past in favor of the winners, hence his-story… The question is do you have faith? Do you believe in God? Are you better off then you were four years ago? Yes Mahr does have the write to speak his trash, he is considered American, but by your statement Charles Manson has a right to speak out from prison in letters, so do you want to follow what he says? I can counter all your arguments. Does that really solve the problem? To hear so-called Americans say that FREE TRADE and FREEDOM is not what the liberals consider FAIR is a farce, and if you believe that there is no hope for you. Am I pissed, you bet, this country is going down the tubs and it’s a moral problem; you can deny that all you want but faggots are the only species that violate the natural order of nature, name another quadraped that has sex with the same gender…you can’t.. that makes them a dumbass as well…maybe your against procreation?

  3. August 23, 2012 at 5:25 am

    Personally, I don’t define myself as either Democratic or Republican (being I find myself disagreeing and agreeing on different subjects on both ends). I do agree that Maher’s comments may seem at times ” a little too honest” for most people who are not able to handle the truth…which comes across as “brutal” or “UN-American” to those who would rather live in a delusional fantasy than face reality. For example…Romney wants to make it more difficult for women to obtain contraceptives such as birth control, being his religion causes him to believe people should not have sex until marriage…now that’s a great traditional idea which would be nice wouldn’t it?…but…it’s more of wishful thinking…in REALITY…many will not wait for marriage to have sex, therefore creating more orphans and unwanted pregnancies, as well as contributing to more poverty. Also, (although I feel there are wonderful family values and positive qualities in the Mormon religion) why is he forcing his religious beliefs onto many who are not Mormon? Sounds a bit like another controlling tactic by the religious. Also, it’s a bit sad how throughout history…anytime a person is courageous enough to stand out of the crowd and speak his mind with his own different beliefs… these overly religious people feel threatened and try to bash the person for trying to awaken the herd with a different perspective. As for him being an UN-American atheist…and that we should pray for him….that is just the kind of Puritanical hypocrisy that makes everyone else over seas laugh at our country. If there is a God…you would think he would be proud of Maher for using the brain he was given…thinking for himself and having the balls to question life beyond the sheltered bubble of delusion…err…I mean religion. Also, religion seems too much like an after life insurance policy people invest in out of fear of not being “covered” after death. The different types of religion are like different insurance companies such as State Farm and Farmers. Some are referred (taught) by friends and family, some just sign up for the first one they find that sounds like it has a pretty good policy and rates (without even looking at other companies). I’m not saying a person shouldn’t appreciate and apply some of the good ideals from different religions…just that we should all open our eyes to other possibilities and not be afraid to do so without rejection of the idea. We have always feared the different and hiding in our comfortable hole will only cause us to rot. When Maher said “America is not this awesome country”…I’m sure he meant that some of the people in a country with the potential to be awesome…are not properly representing what this country is supposed to stand for. We need to wake up!

    • August 24, 2012 at 1:21 am

      Wake up, now that is something you should do; in fact let’s take and dissect your invalid points one at a time. Yes there is a GOD. Clearly you’re a dem, which is without question! If you actually believe Bill Maher’s points are remotely valid shows you’re an Atheist in the closet that does not have the balls to admit or profess your true beliefs. Maher is UN-American for one simple reason; this country was founded on religion. Maybe you need to get your only dollar out and read the little words inscribed “In God We Trust”. To say his comments are “brutal” is a farce, his insights promote hate and disrespect for people who are religious. As far as Maher having a brain that’s laughable, this is a person who has no insight about people that actually are a good, giving, thoughtful nation that gives more than any other country to help our own people and others around the world, more than any other nation on the planet. Do you really listen to the news or read because I can break out facts that will not only shut you down but make you look stupid for even saying this conjecture? And since when did you start speaking for Maher?
      Romney does not make getting YOUR birth control harder to get or purchase, he and I, don’t believe we should pay for your immoral sexual habits; nor should my elderly mother have to pay for your sex. In case you haven’t heard of Walmart they sell them for like 10 bucks, just for sluts who can’t keep their legs closed. You can blame the guy all you want but it takes two to tango, and if the guy wants it that bad he can buy a rubber, they are 50 cents at any local truck stop. I know for a fact they cost that much since I have used them to keep a chick from getting pregnant. Also can you actually take any sound bite that actually will have Romney saying “I want to make it hard for women to get contraception?” I know for a fact I have not heard anything saying that only wacked out dems adlibbing and obfuscating the facts to benefit their agenda. Since I watch more news in one day than you do in a week, possible a month, you really are making my point by talking out of context, or basically lying. You only know the truth to that point. If you ask me you don’t know what your talking about just espousing dem talking points that have no value.
      Now you think Mormons have logical values? Do you really think that or just tell yourself there is a point you can concede but as a whole dismiss. As for me, I am Christian, I have no problem with Mormons it is just a freedom of religion. Romney and others have that right to believe as they wish without persecution from others, unless you’re a dem and you can hate at will. With that said I have never heard him say you have to believe as I do, but again you hear what you want to hear so you can turn to your friends and say he is forcing me to go to church, again a lie.
      As far as people waiting to have sex here lies the rub, when they do abstain, they are demonized in the press. Just ask that girl who was in the Olympics who professed being a virgin or the football player and look how people talk about them like they have a disease. So your point is to promote sex and the government will take care of you, like they do so well for poor minorities that cry “unfair” we want a handout because we are not responsible for our own actions. I’m sure you would agree the entitlements are going to break this nation and you will have to pay even more in the long run?
      As far as other countries laughing at us, then why do so many want to move here? Why have many Brazilians bought more property in Florida than anyone else (in this year alone), or China buying real estate in broke ass Cali, or Indians and Africans moving here in droves? Can you say communism and dictators are driving these people here or do you think that is a great model to run a country, if so you really need to update your passport and haul ass to Russia or China.
      Religion is not some insurance policy like you buy from any man made fiduciary rapacious conglomeration, that in my opinion, is legalized prostitution. It is called “FAITH”, you either have it or you don’t. If you don’t GOD help you when the day comes to face your maker. I would like to say you will go to a better place but you will not, you will burn in HELL for eternity, that’s a long time in case you haven’t heard. You know full well and have been told over and over right and wrong. If you choose to not believe that’s your choice, but don’t hold it against others that they want to believe in something you don’ agree with. As a Christian I am suppose to tell you need to have GOD in your heart and believe in his son Jesus, then you will be saved.
      Now that I did your own your freaking own dude.
      Here are the facts, instead of talking about the economy and how #Nobama has destroyed this country, enriching entitlements as a way of life. How this administration has lied to the American people pitting Americans against each other, or how you and your kids (if you have any or plan to) will be under a massive burden of debt that will leave you broke. How the government spends 4 billion a day on wasteful spending (aka) contraception. How this administration has lied to Americans about how Romney wants to take away clean water, toss granny off the cliff, etc… How you will lose your freedom as you know it by massive regulations, higher taxes, less wealth, and personal happiness. You will never know what your losing or why it’s happening.
      My next suggestion to you and all your friends…. GO SEE OBAMA 2016…
      Romney for president. Either your for small business and less government (GOP model) or your for higher taxes, less freedom, more government (Obama)…

  4. July 15, 2012 at 12:55 am

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