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Alec Baldwin Caught Fighting Photographer


Once again Alec is throwing around his bloated left wing weight by attacking one of the New York Daily News reporters for taking his picture out in public. Not like this is a surprise since he was almost kick off a plane for playing a game on his smart phone and refused to turn it off before the plane would depart; in his defense he was quoted play a game that was making him smarter. What game would that be Alec… HANGMAN?

It’s painfully obvious that his deep ties with SNL gives him a platform to explain his actions while making light of why he pulls these stunts making jokes about it on Capitol One commercials, it’s really funny… NOT…

His comments about all paparazzi should be waterboarded even making ingannation references about George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case were really bizarre (I don’t know what he said but you can use your imagination). What a twist I thought all liberal democrats were against waterboarding treatments, guess that only applies to Americans (that Alec does not like) and not terrorist.


Personally I don’t care if a person throws around the GAY epitaph since I use it myself from time to time, in fact I know gay people who call themselves GAY or FAG so it’s not uncommon, but he throws it around even if a person is NOT  GAY just to debase them in a public discourse or get attention on his twitter account. So how many hits did that get ya today?

Baldwins apoplectic attacking Andrew Breitbart as a festering boil on the anus of public discourse of course if anyone from the Breitbart team were to make the same comments they would be sued by every liberal that could stand in line in his defense.

Another reason WHY I can’t watch NBC, SNL or support any films that Mr. Baldwin is in. So good job buddy your on your way to being the festering boil on the human race!!!

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