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Tommy Chong Said Bill OReilly Smoked Pot With Him

Legalize Pot but take the government out of it

I was watching Fox News Business this morning and Stuart Varney’s, guest was Tommy Chong talking about how OBama was going to drop an October surprise to legalize pot in order to get elected by pandering to the younger voters. When Chong was asked why it was such a stigma against pot he said it was the right wing party that has debased the medical marijuana pot users.

Chong stated that Bill O Reilly, Governor Mike Huckabee and comedian Dennis Miller all smoked pot with him in the past. He even claimed Governor Huckabee hung out with him in a strip club, really? Do you think Chong would lie about this? I have no reason to think so.

After the DOJ directed by Eric Holder, who is Obamas Attorney General came in a squashed the medical dispensary in late October [I was there] it crushed the business while enraging the local people over states rights. This is just another reason why OBama has to go, he stated he would not go against what a state has voted into law, but he did.

Then the Federal Government [stated this was a highjacking of federal rights] ordered that anyone running these dispensaries had to shut down or the Feds would come down on them. They were threatening land lords saying if they knew an operation was in business they would have their property confiscated and held in contempt of Federal Law.

Now the local people have to get their meds from drug dealers and not in a clean environment that was regulated by the people, NOT THE GOVERNMENT! Whether you feel that pot should be legal or not, people have the right to vote something in to law and the state uphold the will of the people.

That was not the crushing blow, it came from the California Supreme Court that later upheld Federal Rights over States Rights, not letting medical clinics stay in business. This was the final blow in the medical marijuana industry as we know it.

Spokes person for NORMAL

That prompted the producer of Stuarts show to wrap up the show now and cut off Chong in the middle of a statement. Is this true? If so then Bill OReilly, who has stated repeatedly that he never smoked pot lied on air many times, but this is unconfirmed.

FOX NEWS (O’Reilly) Loses Viewers for beating up on POT. We need a new breed of people Conservatarian

Now I have to say I love Bill O’Reilly and always agreed with him on everything except his views on marijuana, other than that he is correct on many problems that face America today. I hope we get a resolution on this. I fear that this will be used to debase the Christians conservatives and paint a picture that we all hate pot and everyone who has used this now or in the past.

I have wanted pot to be legal for years, so to say we are haters is totally false and needs to be corrected by people like me.

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  1. CannabisChris
    April 12, 2013 at 11:52 am

    I’m a republican and Pro Marijuana. I know first hand of the benifits of medical marijuana and its success in the treatment of chronic diseases,specially Crohn’s disease/chronic inflammatory disease. I personally have crohns, many doctors are amazed that I haven’t had major problems in my 15 year battle with crohns. I’m winning the fight by using only marijuana to treat my symptoms. There is no cure nor medication out today that treats crohns effectively. Marijuana has literally saved my ass! I still have damage to my organs from swelling but not to the extent of other patients not using marijuana. If we legalize pot, in many ways we will be destroying unnecessary parts of the prescription drug market. Think about how many people died last year from taking sleeping pills? How many of those people would be alive today if they used marijuana as a sleep aid instead of prescription meds? Marijuana isn’t perfect but its a damn good tool for a responsible adult!

    • April 13, 2013 at 2:23 pm

      Agreed. I am in the same boat as you as far as decriminalizing pot. I have been all for pot legalizing and was the one of the first people to sign the NORMAL petition when it came to Dallas, at an event called Zoo World, and that was back in the early 80’s.
      I am a Christian republican conservative, that believes in less government and taxes. I also think pot should be legal, but the large corporations (aka drug companies) are fighting this tooth and nail. You post is very important to this site and I would like for you to write guest post on your situation, if you want to.

      I am in your corner and will pray for you in hopes that you get better, and have access to your meds.

      • CannabisChris
        April 14, 2013 at 7:26 am

        One of the major benifits that I’ve noticed by being able to walk into a shop legally and get pot here in California is the selection. Budget meds that are as low as 4 grams for $20 or $7 to $10 a gram to 2 top shelf grams for $25. Also you have a choice of several strains in each category like sativa,hybrids,and indicas or as I like to classify them as morning,noon,and night. So you’re able to treat yourself with a lot of control,allowing the proper treatment of many ailments. I don’t miss the days of having to score a bag and hope to get lucky as far as weed quality and or waiting for the guy to pick up from his guy. Lol previous way is dangerious,,more expensive,not always of top quality,and so on. So if you smoke always remember “make it safe,by making it legal!”

      • April 14, 2013 at 4:52 pm


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