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MSNBC Misstates the truth again

Somebody edit my tape for me so I can say you did it not me

Once again you see how the liberal media paints a picture of how out of touch Mitt Romney by editing a sound bite to make him sound like he has never seen a scanner at a local deli where you can buy a sandwich without a person physically taking your order. This is just another way that NBC affiliates surreptitiously do what ever they can to get ratings and promote a liberal cause.

I hope your not watching this

If you seen Fox News do something like this all three big liberal news outlets would beat it down to show they are the only trusted sources for news. As these “BIG THREE” news outlets work hard to distort the news to their agenda the more they lose creditability and the trust of the general public. Good job yall, we need more proof how you lie to get ratings.

NBC has lied and misstated the truth by omission and altering facts for ratings, this is why they are losing rating to FOX NEWS

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