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Judge Andrew P. Napolitano on Natural Law

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Inside Civil Asset Forfeiture: Legalized Theft

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Think the cops are here to protect and serve or milk the cash cow?


Tommy Chong gets beatdown on #Outnumbered

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Tommy Chong was on #Outnumbered today and he was beatdown like a step child. The more he talked the worse it looked, like a ship lost at sea drifting from vague topic to topic. I didn’t know what a libtard he was but this statement was painfully obvious how stupid the liberal logic is. He stated about Obamacare and lying to the people:

“We have to put it out there, see whats wrong, fix it, and move forward”. And “lying is just a part of politics so..”

Well let me build you a house, when it starts falling down we fix it, and move forward… does that sound ok with you?

Tommy Chong Said Bill OReilly Smoked Pot With Him



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Every American needs to sign this petition CIA WHISTLE BLOWER TELLS ALL



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ll Americans need to sign this petition WHISTLE BLOWER COMES CLEAN

A Petition Calling For Open And Public Federal Joint Congressional Investigation Hearings And Testimony Regarding The Mortgage Crisis And Funding Of Terrorist Activities With Funds Generated by The Mortgage Crisis And Funneled To Terrorist Groups By Those Private And Governmental Entities And Individuals Involved In Perpetrating The Mortgage Crisis


This Petition demand is, in part, based upon that certain joint IRS and SEC Whistleblower Package (IRS Claim Number: 2014-007601 & SEC TCR Number: TCR1400871145384) submitted on April 24, 2014 that disclosed, outlined, described and evidenced massive trillion dollar Federal Income Tax Evasion and Securities Fraud stemming from the 2008 Mortgage Crisis that is being currently perpetuated by the continued illegal and fraudulent securitization and sale of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS).

This Whistleblower Package detailed criminal Federal Income Tax Evasion and Securities Fraud committed by several Major Financial Institutions including, in part, Ally Bank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Residential Capital and its affiliates, GMAC Mortgage, Wells Fargo Bank, Union Bank of Switzerland, Homecomings Financial, L.L.C., the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation, Depository Trust Company, Cede & Co., Euroclear and Clearstream.

Copies of this same Whistleblower Package were filed simultaneously with all Members of the U.S. Senate, elected officials in the Executive Branch, thirty-six (36) Federal Inspectors General, the Appropriations, Budget, Energy and Commerce, Financial Services, Oversight and Government Reform, Ways and Means, and Small Business Committees in the U.S. House of Representatives.  In their written responses, the Inspectors General of the DOJ, DOD, GAO and FTC have fraudulently lied and misrepresented their jurisdictionally mandated responsibilities and authorities by publically stating that the issues raised and voluminously evidenced in the above-referenced Whistleblower Package are not within their jurisdiction.

Under separate cover, Military Whistleblower Reports detailing Terrorist Financing Networks & Operations have been lodged with numerous Members of the U.S. Congress and Military.  hese reports identify major U.S. and International Financial Institutions that may likely be utilizing funds received from the Mortgage Crisis to fund and financially support Terrorist Activities resulting in the injury, maiming and death of U.S. Military Service personnel.  These submitted reports are titled: “Terrorist Threat Finance Dimensions Of Union Bank Of Switzerland (UBS) ’Whistleblower Case’ And Obama Administration Involvement” (Dated: September 25, 2012), “Follow The Money” (Dated: September 11, 2013) and “Shell Game: The Betrayal and Cover-Up by the U.S. Government of the Union Bank of Switzerland Terrorist Threat Finance Connection to Booz Allen Hamilton and U.S. Central Command” (Dated: May 27, 2013).

As a Registered Voter, I hereby demand, on the authority of the U.S. Constitution, United States Code, Public Laws and the Rules of the U.S. Congress, that you aggressively and relentlessly take all necessary actions, to immediately call for, demand and cause to take place, Open Public and Federal Joint House Congressional Hearing(s) and Testimony, with uncensored start to finish media coverage being provided to the American public.

Gregory C. Morse Glenn C. Gregory
Pro Se Plaintiff & Whistleblower Lead Researcher


United States is a Corporation

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Cops play games and Cuss Citizen, WWIII Next

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